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Lister Petter Engine in Construction Sector

Time saved equals increased profits in the construction world. Lister Petter’s engines are developed to reduce downtime, keep machinery on site, and increase revenues no matter what challenges are faced. Minimal maintenance and low operating costs are engineered into all Lister Petter engines. Feedback from customers is vital in our continual quest to further develop and improve our products. Making our engines more compact for easier installation was a direct result of dialogue with our valued customers. Working closely with our customers allows us to provide power solutions that specifically fit your requirements. Combining our expertise with your needs. With our

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Lister Petter Engine in Agriculture Sector

Lister Petter will continue to expand its range with engines configured and rated specifically for the agricultural sector. Our aim is to power sustainable solutions making our customers’ businesses more competitive and dynamic. Users of Lister Petter engines already have the comfort of knowing their reliability and performance minimize cost and maximize yield. They can also depend on a responsive global aftersales service. Lister Petter, in partnership with agricultural machinery OEMs strives to meet customer requirements for efficient, reliable engines with low fuel consumption and fast turnaround servicing. Minimizing machine downtime is key to the success of any business. Lister Petter

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Introducing the Lister Petter G-Drive engines

Lister Petter G-Drive engines are legendary across the globe with over 150 years of reliable service. The range of generator engines span from 5.5kW through to 800kW, delivering exceptional performance along with market leading value for money. Compact design, ease of service, unrivalled reliability and fast availability make the Lister Petter G-drive range a simple choice. All emissions levels are covered from unregulated territories, through to Stage V compliant engines. Lister Petter engines are supported globally by our service outlets, ensuring the spares, service and product support are never far away. Emission: Unregulated / Stage II / Stage III / Stage V Engine Series: Starlite / Venus / Mercury

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Related Articles about Lister Petter

Recently, lister petter has been featured in two leading industry magazines,《Power Sourcing Guide》and《Diesel Progress International》. The magazines reported on Lister Petter’s EU Stage V compliant engine in May and June. Lister Petter, world-renowned for more than 150 years. Across the globe Lister Petter engines are synonymous with diesel power. From water pumping to telecoms, agriculture to industry, plant to emergency applications, Lister Petter is the dependable choice for power generation. From the punishing sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica and Siberia to the scorching heat of Middle Eastern deserts and African plains, Lister Petter powered products deliver. Each of our engines can be precisely

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An Ideal for Portable Power Generators

Across the globe Lister Petter is the name for power generation. From water pumping to telecoms, agriculture to industry, plant to emergency applications, Lister Petter power is the dependable choice. This time let me show you the introduction of a new line up of diesel engines – Satrlite Series. This series is a popular engine in the G-drive sector where reliability and compact design are its greatest assets. It is also the most well sold engines above all engines last year. This unit’s 16kW to 72kW output and compact proportions make it ideal for portable power generators. Including the model of SA423G1,

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EU Stage V engines

The story of Mr. Lister and Mr. Petter can be traced back to 1865 and 1867 respectively. Lister Petter – world-renowned for more than 150 years. In order to keep abreast of the latest in global energy consumption, and to bring the brand back to the forefront of engine supply, 2022 saw the introduction of a new line up of diesel engines. Generator specific engines up to 800kW including the first of the EU Stage V engines. We are proud to introduce the ‘Mercury Max’ LP311EG1, Lister Petter’s first EU Stage V compliant engine. The engine uses Bosch common rail fuel injection equipment and ECU

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