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Tide Power’s new gas genset consists of MWM power and LEROY-SOMER motor

In the context of low-carbon development, the energy industry is turning to clean environment, energy saving and high efficiency. Recently, Tide Power has successfully issued an order for a customized gas genset, which adopts MWM original power and is equipped with LEROY-SOMER high power generator to achieve significant economic benefits with lower design and operation costs. It is suitable for the conversion of electricity from renewable energy sources such as natural gas, biogas and hydrogen, significantly reducing pollutant emissions and contributing to low-carbon production. Powered by MWM MWM is a global leader in the Caterpillar Group’s focus on gas gensets,

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New Engine Series “STARLITE” Officially Launched

Nice to see a new series engine STARLITE coming off the line! This series is widely used in material handling equipments and agricultural products in which the relibility is highly appreciated. The 16-83kW rated power is being recognized and is commonly used in gensets. Email:

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LISTER PETTER Is Off To The Middle East Energy Show

Lister Petter, being a world renown engine and with 150 years history, has reignited its effort in introducing new line of engine series for most application in the MEE even though our presence in the show is not acknowledged with the wide spread of the pandemic. This notice serves just a reminder that Lister Petter will no doubt be in your line of selection for engines that require reliability and sustainability. The brand not only includes some of the existing models but the new series has extended its engine power output to a higher level of 800kW for both 1500/1800

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Lister Petter sponsor team in Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Lister Petter is extremely proud to once again be sponsoring a team in the prestigious Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. In 2019, our Chairman Keith Mason’s stepson Charlie completed the challenge as a team of 3 – ‘All Oar Nothing’ – breaking the previous world record by 4 days before ultimately being beaten to the line by Team BROAR. This year, a very good friend of our Managing Director Ryan Mason – Robert Lennox (centre) – is participating in the challenge as a team of 3 with Matt Bell (left) and Martin Muller (right) under the team name ‘East Rows West’

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R. A. Lister Petter – a personal look back

I came into the employment of R.A.Lister & Co. Ltd. by chance in 1969. I had committed the cardinal sin of failing a re-sit exam at the end of my second year degree course at the National College of Agricultural Engineering, Silsoe, and wished to spend the obligatory “time out” in gainful employment until repeating the exams. Living near Ross-on-Wye, RAL’s Cinderford factory was about thirty minutes drive from home. I decided to visit the works to try my luck with the Personnel Dept. I got no further than the Gate House in Barleycorn Road, where I was turned away

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Old Lister engine powers homemade tractor in Africa

Sammy Kiritu got in touch with us a few weeks ago with an unusual request…based in Nakuru in Kenya Sammy had purchased an old Lister Petter engine from someone in his local town, with the idea of using it to power a homemade tractor. Having purchased this engine, which was previously used for grinding maize, he took it upon himself to modify the old engine from air cooled to water cooled, at home without even the basic engineering tools required. Sammy got in touch with us for some engineering advice and guidance, which were of course happy to provide, however,

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