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Introducing a new OEM member in Turkey

Lister Petter are proud to announce that Güçbir Generator, founded in 1980, become OEM for Lister Petter in Turkey. Güçbir Generator sign as an official OEM with Lister Petter. Güçbir Generator is a leading and reputable company that has achieved remarkable progress since 1980. Increasing production capacity by expanding into two plants, one in Istanbul and one of the biggest production facilities in Zonguldak Turkey. Specialising in products producing between 10 kVA to 3305 kVA which brings flexibility and customer-based production abilities. For its production capacity, wide range of products; Gucbir Generator is always one step ahead from its competitors

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Lister Petter Launch the Portable Generator Range

Lister Petter’s new Portable Generator include petrol genset and inverter genset. Equals to portable power station. It has a multiple use occasions and multiple devices compatible. They can be used as household back up energy, outdoor live broadcast energy, camping energy, night market energy, workplace energy, and anyother emergency situations. The application scene such as TV, projector, juicer, mini fridge, rice cooker, oven, printer, cutting machine, electric drill, camera, camping lamp etc. Petrol Genset Basic Characteristics: 50 Hz 3000 r/min and 60Hz 3600 r/min portable generator unleaded petrol conforming to BS EN 228:2012 (95 RON) naturally aspirated OHV gasoline engine Certification:

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Lister Petter Engine in Smart Energy Solution

With its reliable and performance capability and the range of rated power, Lister Petter engine can work efficiently with the Hybrid Power Solution that integrates with either solar or wind power together with smart battery storage for power generated. Through the energy management system, energy supply becomes hybrid to leverage strength of various technologies which can reduce the operating cost. The smart modular integration system the energy supply becomes intelligent by employing the diesel engine, solar and wind power in generating the energy source which will then be stored up within the battery for uptime utilization. The management monitoring control

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Lister Petter Engine in Rental Market Sector

Rental power solution with our rated range from 5.5kW – 800kW can promise you a wider scope of application. Lister Petter engines with its industrial experience can satisfy most of the special demand through our custom made configuration which cater for safety, reliability and the actual application. The engines which are used for rental market is having a slight difference to normal G-drive application in which it might require dual frequency and voltage or having multi purpose and different amperage sockets for external connection which requires careful management of the power output.   #listerpetter #engines #engine #Rental Market #Power

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Lister Petter Engine in Material Handling Sector

Material handling and transporting is the prime concern to every industry in keeping up the pace with the processing of goods. Time is always counted for the efficiency of moving the goods which will mean cost saving. Lister Petter understands the operational niche of most users that require higher uptime, greater reliability and lower cost of ownership of the equipment. Lister Petter has tailor made the design in develop specifically engines for most demanding material handling application. Lister Petter have developed  to meet the specific demands of the material handling industry, from a compact design to high fuel efficiency. The widely use of Lister

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Lister Petter Engine in Power Generation Sector

Lister Petter G-Drive engines are legendary across the globe with over 150 years of reliable service. The range of generator engines span from 5.5kW through to 800kW, delivering exceptional performance along with market leading value for money. Compact design, ease of service, unrivalled reliability and fast availability make the Lister Petter G-drive range a simple choice. All emissions evels are covered from unregulated territories, through to Stage V compliant engines. Lister Petter engines are supported globally by our service outlets, ensuring the spares, service and product support are never far away. #listerpetter #energy #GDrive #engines #powergeneration #StageV #emissions

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