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Lister Petter Launch the Portable Generator Range

Lister Petter’s new Portable Generator include petrol genset and inverter genset. Equals to portable power station. It has a multiple use occasions and multiple devices compatible. They can be used as household back up energy, outdoor live broadcast energy, camping energy, night market energy, workplace energy, and anyother emergency situations.

The application scene such as TV, projector, juicer, mini fridge, rice cooker, oven, printer, cutting machine, electric drill, camera, camping lamp etc.

Petrol Genset

Basic Characteristics:

50 Hz 3000 r/min and 60Hz 3600 r/min portable generator

unleaded petrol conforming to BS EN 228:2012 (95 RON)

naturally aspirated OHV gasoline engine


CE, EU Stage V


Inverter Genset

50 Hz, 60 Hz

2.3 -4.2 kW, 2.3 – 4.2 kW

Standard Features:

Low Noise Level


Light Weight

LED Indicators

Parallel Fuction

Low-oil Protect



What’s the Portable Power Station?

Petrol genset is one of the type of genset. A genset is equipment, which is a combination of electrical and a mechanical equipment. It is a device designed and manufactured by petrol gen-set manufacturers for conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. In another word, a genset is an electric generator mounted together with a mechanical prime mover as a single equipment to produce electricity.

The engine acts as a supplier of mechanical energy to the electric generator to convert mechanical energy into electricity. The generator set gets its nomenclature according to the type of fuel used to run the engine. When the fuel is petrol the set is termed as petrol generator set.


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