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Lister Petter Back Into the Industrial Market

Power Range: 5.5kW – 960kW Diesel.

Building on the success of 2023, Lister Petter have expanded the EU Stage V range up to 55kW with the introduction of the new LP430EVG and LP430EVi diesel engines.  Available in G-DRIVE and Industrial (variable speed) configurations the new range of engines bring Lister Petter back into the industrial market, as well as to the forefront of emissions technology across Europe.

The new four-cylinder, 3.0 litre industrial engine produces 55.3kW @2200rpm, with high pressure common rail fuel system with ECU control. Built on a strong core engine with excellent power and torque characteristics, delivering dependable power across the range. The aftertreatment package is a compact combination of EGR-DPF-DOC, with options for on engine or remotely mounted, depending on customer application needs. The engines remain compact sized, giving excellent power density, and offer exceptional fuel consumption across the EU Stage V range.

Alongside the 3.0 litre product is the 2.2 litre, LP322Evi1 and 2 producing 45.6kW – 55kW @2400rpm respectively. Plans are in place to expand the range further up to 200kW during 2024 and 2025. Lister Petter remain committed to product development and growth within the European markets, delivering dependable and cost-effective product solutions.


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