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Firefighting pump set uses Lister Petter engine

PISCA B0mbas y Sistema, who are based in Mexico, manufacture pumps for a number of applications.

One recent project has been to produce a pump set up for a firefighting system. Above you will see a photo of the application, which is a set of three pumps, two electrical and one Lister Petter diesel powered pump. This set up has been designed for use in large buildings with multiple rooms, such as hotels, hospitals and office blocks. If a fire occurs within one or two rooms in the building, then the smallest electrical pump activates providing water into those rooms. If the fire covers an entire level within the building then the next electric pumps activates providing water for that floor. However, if the fire is so great that the power within the building fails, then the diesel engines start ensuring water is provided as necessary.

Lister Petter has built relationships all over the world, working with a vast variety of companies who produce a vast array of applications including;  power generation, water pumping, telecom and many more.

If you are looking for a reliable engine that can stand the test of time then Lister Petter can help.

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