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The 43rd KHL Engine Yearbook presents the Lister Petter brand


Lister Petter, the brand name has been around for many years and being recognized as a world renown engine. Founded in 1865, Lister Petter has a history of over 150 years.

Lister Petter, the brand name has been around for many years and being recognized as a world renown engine. Founded in 1865, Lister Petter has a history of over 150 years.



Lister Petter diesel engines range from 5.5kW to 800kW.


Our engines are adapted to a diverse range of applications including power generation, water pumping, telecom, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, construction plant and emergency equipment operating reliably in all conceivable ambient conditions. From the freezing sub-zero temperatures of China and Northern Russia, to the scorching heat of the deserts in the Middle East, India and the vast plains of Africa.



Lister Petter has a wide choice of engine selection to meet the customer need and from last year till now we have introduced several new engine series which includes Mercury(Max) , Venus (Max), Mars(Max) and Starlite, other than existing model TR and Alpha series.


The Venus engine Widely used in the automotive and construction machinery markets, it has outstanding fuel economy, low vibration and noise advantages. It can also realize dual-frequency switching which is very cost-effective.


The advantages includes but not limit to:

1.Strong capability for cold start and in high attitude, it can be started when  temperature below – 40 degree C

2.High heat durable, applicable for ambient temperature of 50-55 degree C

3.Highly reliable, 2000 hours overhaul for important components; platform durable test more than 3000h; high strengthened cast iron body

4.Easy maintenance, 90% of major components are interchangable with those normal construction machinery and trucks which has abundant supplies, convenient for maintenance. Overhaul for high capacity oil sump can reach 500h.


The Mars engine is a self designed and developed according the stringent requirement of GPDP and is with international advance technology that creates our new generation engines. especially its comprehensive upgrading series Mars Max.


The advantages includes but not limit to:

1.Optimization by using double turbo charge system with single air filter construction which can lower the height to only 1659m, maintenance is easier

Common rail pump system which enhance the strength of the components

2.Reducing the assembly cost by using spiral type fan and smaller which can effectively reduce the noise level

3.Not only retain the strong loading capacity but also optimizing the configuration and the noise level


The Mercury engine technology is directly from Japan and the rated power of 14kW-52kW is equipped with strong operating power, super low fuel consumption and vibration in addition to super low noise level. With its ease in maintenance the engine is surely the ideal choice for operating power for gensets.


The Starlite engine is base on highly mature technology and is widely used in machinery equipment in which the engines have great reliability. The 13-72kW rated power is widely recognized and is commonly used in gensets that exported to most parts of Europe, America, South East Asia and Middle East.


These robust and versatile engine series offers many configurations to suit customer requirements.


Mechanical governing facilitates ease of service with no requirement for expensive test equipment – essential in remote areas or use by aid agencies in difficult environments.


The engines are designed for continuous running linked to a proper maintenance program, ideal for continuous power generation where there are no grid connection. Our products are supported by a comprehensive network of distributors globally.

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