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LISTER PETTER Is Off To The Middle East Energy Show

Lister Petter, being a world renown engine and with 150 years history, has reignited its effort in introducing new line of engine series for most application in the MEE even though our presence in the show is not acknowledged with the wide spread of the pandemic. This notice serves just a reminder that Lister Petter will no doubt be in your line of selection for engines that require reliability and sustainability.

The brand not only includes some of the existing models but the new series has extended its engine power output to a higher level of 800kW for both 1500/1800 rpm. This scenario puts Lister Petter in a better position in its competitiveness within the industry and also with our continuous effort in building a global network of service center with full coverage and stock warehouse in Turkey which promises quick and prompt delivery, Lister Petter will by all means be a niche of your choice.