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Yassine visits OEMs and GOEMs in Lebanon

Yassine has recently returned from a trip to Lebanon visiting our distributor Arison. Whilst there he visited many OEMs and GOEMs in order to re-establish a historically important market for Lister Petter.

Starting his tour in Halat, visiting the Sakr Power Group. Next on Yassine’s visit with Arison, was Meico Power Generators – MPG کۆمپانیای. A genset manufacturer based in Beirut, historically key customers of Lister Petter,  we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Yassine then visited Khonaysser Group, a large and prestigious player, again in Beirut. Thank you Mr Antoine Khonaysser for the great hospitality you extended to Yassine and Arison.

Next for Yassine and Arison was HMH Machinery, south of Beirut, in Deir El Zehrani. They are a Generator Manufacturer assembling everything in-house, and are potentially interested in our UK built Alpha and T-Range engines.

Yassine’s penultimate visit with Arison was to Jouni Industrial Machinery – JIM in Ghaziyeh, South Lebanon. Ali Jouni started his apprenticeship with Lister & Petter engines and has grown up with the brand. Great to catch up with him and the team. 

And last but certainly not least! Yassine and Arison visited METS Energy, back in Beirut. Having previously used Lister Petter particularly in Telecom applications.

Thank you to everyone for your hospitality, and taking time out of your busy calendars to meet with Yassine and the team at Arison.