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Introducing the Lister Petter Gensets Range

We are pleased to announce our complete range of air cooled and water cooled generator sets.

Built in our modern factory in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, not only do we offer normal open or acoustic sets, we have variants specifically designed for a number of applications and environments. All sets are assembled with UK manufactured MeccAlte alternators and DSE controls.

Our village sets are designed to offer a low cost solution to provide power to submersible pumps in boreholes with 13.5l fuel tank integral to the engine, with an air cooled engine and hand start option for minimum maintenance

Our long running generator sets allow service intervals of up to 2000 hours, a perfect solution for remote telecom masts, and civil defence applications.

Our high speed Alpha powered generator sets running at 50/60HZ, 3000/3600rpm provide a small compact power solution where size and weight are an issue. Ideal for rooftop and containerised applications.

Our saver generator sets offer a low cost basic solution for power requirements without the need for a sophisticated controller.

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