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Delivering Emergency Dewatering Pumps across the UAE

Khansaheb Sykes LLC, the leading OEM for dewatering pumps across the UAE and GCC region, is ready to deliver the first batch of 15 Dewatering Pumps units for Emergency Watering Services to the local Government authority.

Khansaheb Sykes is a well-known brand across the UAE region offering Quality dewatering pumps for all dewatering solutions.

The dewatering pumps delivered to the authority are driven by Lister Petter T Series Air Cooled TR3 Range Engines, known for their reliability and operational capability in harsh environments.

“We consider Khansaheb Sykes an important OEM partner and during the next few months we plan to strengthen this partnership further. A product support training programme for Khansaheb Sykes Engineers is being put in place that will result in better and on-time local product support for Lister Petter Engines in the region”.

Rajesh Sadhu for Lister Petter Power Systems had meetings with Jamie Smele, General Manager, and Mr SR Krishnan, Sales Manager, for Khansaheb Sykes.